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There is a natural order to everything; in as much as we understand and embrace it, life is legendary and our world makes sense. It's only when we misperceive natural order that life becomes difficult or science confounds.


The Inner Buddha teaches the order of All That Is and demonstrates how these logical relationships apply to our life experience, personal objectives, friendships, marriages, businesses, and society at large. Leveraging this order, we also resolve scientific inquiries that have perplexed geniuses for thousands of years. We make sense of All That Is and bring ease to life.


Those of spiritual schools will recognize their truths in our teachings, as will those of science, for we teach the order of All That Is. Mysteries resolved in our book series are complete with spiritual evidence and scientific proofs.


  • Heal of all past misgivings
  • Embrace unconditional love with ease
  • Claim the life of completeness, synergy, and empowerment
  • Experience joyful satori, nirvana, or heaven on earth
  • Learn the infinite life formula and how to apply it


  • Light has mass, length, and is timeless
  • Electrons are physical entities with a precise calculable orbit
  • The autonomous proton radius calculates to 8.4123565E-16 m
  • Quantum matter derivations show how light becomes matter
  • A string value and three orientations validate string theory

These are just ten of more than 100 spiritual and scientific quests answered in our Enlightening Strikes book series.

There is an order to All That Is. Learn it in our books; dissolve life's mysteries.

Enlightening Strikes Book 1

Peace of mind, vitality, health, happiness, empowerment… they’re all related. They’re functions of our belief systems, for beliefs guide our actions and thereby shape the lives we live. Beliefs are also how we see the world, thereby forming the constraints of all joy. Beliefs are paramount within our life experience; they are the difference between our limited and greatest self, and what stands between the reality we know and legendary life.


To be our greatest self, we redivine beliefs. We dissolve discord by discovering how feelings really work. We learn the true nature of willpower, realizing objectives through wisdom and love instead of force. Vices and addictions? Conflicting loves of our lives lose their grip when the bliss of natural alignment is ours; this too is a matter of beliefs. Anger and depression, hatred and suffering, a hell in our past? All afflictions dissipate as wholesome beliefs move us into relation with all that is. Health and wellbeing are results of this greater harmony.


Read this guide! Be Your Greatest Self and make life legendary.

Enlightening Strikes Book 2

Imagine a world filled with profits. On every street corner and in every home, the profit of God. Wealth, health, longevity, abundance, bliss even… the delights that are the pursuit of every life.

Since the dawn of time, the objective of world prophets has been to share the wisdom that leads to the whole sum of wholesome, and they detailed their methods in a thousand ways. Their collective wisdom is deciphered and revealed within. All may now Redivine Life and enjoy this whole sum of wholesome.

Redivine Life builds upon the foundation of book one, Be Your Greatest Self, by revealing astounding logical and rational relationships within All That Is. We validate and apply this wisdom scientifically, resolving quests that have endured for generations, and spiritually as we claim the peace of God, quantum wisdom, financial abundance, vibrant health... the wealth of dreams.

Bring legendary to a whole new level. Redivine Life with Faith for the logical mind.



To help all people find the light and embrace the love,

that we may each be our greatest self

and together redivine life.

Chris and Shauna Terai, Founders