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The power in you is beyond measure, and the Enlightening Strikes guidebooks reveal it. Book one details who you truly are, empowers you to be your greatest self, and explains how to claim the whole sum of wholesome in your personal life, friendships, marriage, business, society, and more. The second guidebook reveals how every goodness becomes infinitely pure and everlasting; we then leverage this widom to make a heaven of earth.

Be Your Greatest Self and claim a legendary life

Peace of mind, vitality, health, happiness, empowerment… they’re all related. They’re functions of our belief systems, for beliefs guide our actions and thereby shape the lives we live. Beliefs are also how we see the world, thereby forming the constraints of all joy. Beliefs are paramount within our life experience; they are the difference between our limited and greatest self, and what stands between the reality we know and legendary life.


To be our greatest self, we redivine beliefs. We dissolve discord by discovering how feelings really work. We learn the true nature of willpower, realizing objectives through wisdom and love instead of force. Vices and addictions? Conflicting loves of our lives lose their grip when the bliss of natural alignment is ours; this too is a matter of beliefs. Anger and depression, hatred and suffering, a hell in our past? All afflictions dissipate as wholesome beliefs align us with all that is. Health and wellbeing expand in this greater harmony; wholesomeness reaches legendary levels.


Manifest greatness with this guide. Reveal your inner hero and claim the life to match.

Accelerate advancement with conscious journaling

Within weeks, this enhanced personal journal will be the most condensed source of wisdom you own. It contains hundreds of Enlightening Strikes to empower you, more than a dozen Dragonfaller techniques to overcome life’s greatest challenges, space for daily revelations, and tips on how to maintain inspiration as you realize your spiritual and worldly potential. Combined with the Be Your Greatest Self guidebook, it forms a path to enlightenment that is easy, rapid, and astoundingly inspiring. When used with other Enlightening Strikes guides, it helps to complete every goodness and Redivine Life in all ways.


We recommend this supplement for all who read the Enlightening Strikes series. If you prefer a portable version, the standard print paperback is only 6" x 9." For more writing space, choose the large print 8.5" by 11" edition. Both versions contain the same supplemental materials.


Claim deep wisdom to redivine your life and world

This second guidebook in the Enlightening Strikes series reveals how every goodness becomes infinitely pure and everlasting. Leverage this understanding to claim the peace of God, quantum wisdom, power of the prophets, wealth greater than the pharaohs, and restore the font of eternal life. Delight as infinite goodness envelops you, then embrace this as your natural way, help others do likewise, and Redivine Life for all.


Redivine Life builds extensively on foundations established in Be Your Greatest Self. For optimal advancement, read Enlightening Strikes guidebooks in order and review them several times to ensure optimal comprehension. Journal your new wisdom and practice it in life before advancing to the next comprehensive guidebook.


This guidebook is in development. Register here for notifications regarding Redivine Life and other upcoming releases. As a registered reader, you'll always know when the next guidebook will be out, and you may even get a chance to join our advance review team!

Be Your Greatest Self and claim your legendary life, then Redivine Life and complete every goodness.

To begin, preview or purchase your first guidebook, and add a journal for optimal advancement.

If you need a bit more detail about the content in this series, view these videos.



To foster the greatness of All That Is

and redivine life at every level.

Chris and Shauna Terai, Founders