Path to delightful life revealed in new children's book - Return to Eden: A lesson in love for all ages


The Inner Buddha

November 24, 2021, 20:17 GMT

Released by The Inner Buddha on Nov 2021, Return to Eden teaches children how to embrace unconditional love, and integrates an advanced view for adults.

PRINCE GEORGE, BRITISH COLUMBIA, CANADA, November 24, 2021 / -- Return to Eden was internationally released on November, 2021. It is available on all Amazon sites around the globe, and serves as a complement to the Enlightening Strikes guidebooks for adults.

'Twas a long time ago, longer now than it seems,
in a world of wonder, a garden of dreams.

Two beautiful souls that were blessed from above
delighted in Eden, their home of pure love.

We all know the tale of Adam and Eve, but did you know it contains the secret to everlasting bliss? After the young couple find themselves outside their garden paradise, they explore the world and discover that Eden was never really gone; it was just hidden by their missing love. They learn the secret to a happy life and come to love all that is, wholly and completely. Adam and Eve then return to Eden, their beautiful garden of dreams.

Written in prose and delightfully illustrated, Return to Eden is unlike any children’s fable you have ever read. Lessons within the book are expansive, yet presented in a format that small children can understand; the words are gentle, imagery wholesome, and story engaging. Children will be entertained as they are lightly guided to see the goodness in everything, and to embrace their love of this goodness, while adults will grasp the deeper meaning of the words and images. Those who recognize the mistake Adam and Eve made will see that they partook of judgement, the fruit of the tree of good and evil. Exchanging judgement for love ends the confusion judgement results in; this bewilderment has been called the judgement daze in ancient texts. We each return to our version of Eden as we end the daze of judgement through the wholesome embrace of love.

Bright and colorful images captivate young minds

Return to Eden was nearly a year in the making, with simplified instruction on the viewpoint that makes unconditional love attainable by all. Integrated within children’s illustrations are figures and formulas for adult readers to pick out; they demonstrate the value of unconditional love, and are both spiritually and scientifically valid. These formulas quantify how the wholesome embrace of love leads to forever friendships, business success, joyful abundance, enduring relationships, and even influences the length of our lifespans.

A simple view for children merges with an advanced perspective for adults in Return to Eden: A lesson in love for all ages.


"We were inspired to create a guide that would amaze and astound people of all ages, but we never anticipated this remarkable final result. Return to Eden is so simple a child can embrace it, yet the wisdom is what we all seek, even as adults” says Chris T, author and CEO of The Inner Buddha.

People of all schools will marvel at the wonders revealed within Return to Eden. Those of spirituality will see evidence that proves truths of their faith, while those of science will see answers to many of today’s greatest quests. Children will see the path that leads to a joyful life. There truly is something for every reader in this delightful little book.

Complementing Return to Eden: A lesson in love for all ages, the Enlightening Strikes adult journey begins with Be Your Greatest Self: The Guide to Enlightenment and Legendary Life. After reading this initial guide, adults advance to Redivine Life: Faith for the Logical Mind. This more comprehensive guidebook builds upon the foundations in Be Your Greatest Self, details the figures and formulas revealed in Return to Eden, and finally culminates in a view that leads to the whole sum of wholesome.