Your authentic self

Who do you think you are? And more importantly... does it matter?

I know, you probably expected to analyze your strengths, weaknesses, successes and failures. You might have thought we should start with ways you can improve aspects of your character, such as acting compassionately, being more loving, or embracing kindness. Well sure, if we wanted to take society’s common approach, we could do that. I mean, who doesn’t enjoy a little beratement (as in b-rating, or calling down) right? Well, that’s what you’re doing when you decide you aren’t good enough. Now, let’s be clear and shout out: WE DON’T B-RATE ANYONE! We’re not going there. I promise you a fun and exciting journey, and damn it, I’m delivering.

There’s no validity to analyzing yourself with mind. It’s plagued by your past, mired in false delusions, judgmental, and often far too harsh. Do you really want to ask it who you are? It doesn’t know you. You have been blessed with a most beautiful and delightful heart. It is your heart that knows the genuine you.

There is a real you and there is an experience. They don’t always match and your feelings tell you so; this is why you have feelings in the first place. When you perform a loving act, you feel love. When you perceive judgement, you feel hurt. Feelings are guideposts that point you toward your genuine self. Positive feelings build you to be your greatest version, while negative feelings are the warning signs that say “Nope… that’s not the way.”

If you want to understand who you are, you need to read your feelings, and this brings us to the first problem. Though we all experience feelings, we’ve never been taught how to benefit from them. We’re like balls on a billiards table, knocked about by emotion after emotion until the end comes and we finally sink into a hole. Is that really the life you want? Then let’s take charge!

We can ask our heart about ourselves through a fun and exciting exercise. You’ll need a pen and your journal or a sheet of paper… that is all.

Begin by writing down the name of a person you admire. The individual can be real or fictional, perhaps a mentor or a superhero. Now leave two lines of space and write another. Continue until you reach the bottom of the page.

Hopefully, you have created a nice long list of admirable people. Draw a box or oval around each name. Now, in the free space beside the name, write down what it is that you so admire about this person. Are they ingenious, skillful, crafty, bubbly? Record every trait you adore about each and every one. You’ll soon have a detailed list of attributes that strike your heart.

It is more. This is a collection of signposts. It tells you about yourself, even more than it does the amazing people through whom you see. It’s time for a very happy fact. We gauge others based on their alignment with our divine virtues. The qualities on your page are those your heart loves; they are beautiful aspects of the you that your heart sees.

You probably don’t recognize yourself as a living example of this greatest you. That’s wonderful! If you were already living as your genuine self, you wouldn’t be searching.

So how can this truly be you, and why has your authentic nature been so elusive? How can you be this ideal self in a world that puts up so many barriers? And my personal favorite… I can’t because the pain of my past is too heavy.

Welcome to the journey of being human. First, let me say that you are 99% of the way to being your ideal self. You have a vast number of correct beliefs and very nearly all of your challenges each day are well met. However, you are likely quite committed to a few barriers that prevent you from living your heart’s view.

You can be the greatest self that you love; you’ll just need to tweak a few dials in the mind, remove the welder’s helmet from your head, and put on some comfortable clothes. Oh yes, and we’ll deal with the accidents in your past, whether you crashed into someone or they crashed into you. We can explain how it happened, how to heal from it, how to forgive the unforgiveable, and how to never suffer from it again. In short, we can help you tear down the barriers. You’ll feel freedom, peace, and empowerment as each gives way. Yes, you will actually feel the alignment through improvements in your energy levels, vitality, and happiness.



Let’s review our progress, for we've made a lot of headway. This is an ideal time to write in your Enhanced Personal Journal. Document every profound new knowing. This process helps you maintain momentum, and reflection on your journal will empower you with delightful wisdom and jolts of extra energy. It is tremendously uplifting to see wisdom in your own hand.


So what have we learned?

1.         We have a mind view of self that is not consistent with our heart view.

2.         Positive feelings we thought happen to us are actually signposts directing us to live in accordance with our virtues. Oh yes... we have virtues and we can be blissfully happy when we live them.

3.         Negative emotions indicate a problem or inconsistency we need to be warry of; they feel repulsive because they are intended to push us away from actions and events that do not support us being our greatest selves.

4.         We have barriers, and that our emotions help us recognize the presence of these challenges so we can overcome them. We're intensely rewarded each time we resolve a barrier; energy, vitality, and happiness all increase.

5.         Finally, the journey need not be gruelling; there are fun and joyful ways to creatively eliminate every challenge that stands in the way of our potential.


Darn... we're smart! And smart people accept unconditional love from those who seek to help us be our greatest.