What if there was no question?

We live in a world misunderstood; few of us know where we're going, and fewer yet are directing our lives. I remember life before understanding, with my monkey-brain chattering incessantly and me thinking that was normal. I recall uncertainty and doubt, disharmony and discord. I remember joy, but I also recall pain without purpose. It seemed I had to try to have a good life, to earn it. I remember how my experiences helped me evolve, and the limitless bliss that enveloped me when I stopped resisting my inner self, and chose instead to be as I am. Some life experiences are so profound that they redefine who we are, or perhaps reveal our image of self as fictional. I have discovered a means by which all may recognize and navigate these experiences. This path will help you find your authentic self, that you may likewise live inspired, lovingly embracing your purpose in peace and sublime happiness.


Chris and Shauna TeraiMy name is Chris Terai and this is my wife Shauna. Our happiness is pervasive; we would love to reveal the same delightful joy that lives in you. Enlightened life isn't a matter of chance. This resource details the methods I used to heal my past, empower my spirit, and reveal my future. It took thirty years of exploration and sixteen years of dedicated study to come to these understandings. May they serve you well and help make your journey more direct. It is my wish that you live in a level of bliss you never dreamed possible; this is the outcome of aligning your actions with your inner nature. Together, we will see that you are not the person you believe yourself to be... that you are more, much more.

What we do

The vastness of this world is astounding. Imagine you are an explorer with a map of earth before you; it is complete to the finest detail of roads and even people. You possess the power and resources to go anywhere you wish; you may embrace the pleasures of life. The challenge of course, is that to chart a course to any destination, you first must know where you are. Absent this understanding, you might see some of what the world can offer, but you could never realize your potential, and it would be impossible to live the ultimate journey.


Life truly begins to shine the moment you align with your true nature. Discovering who you are is akin to knowing where you are on the map. Indeed, you can climb to the finest summits life has to offer, and experience in divine bliss, a world of exquisite beauty. You can do this, but only if you know who you are. Until then, you are simply a beautiful soul wandering within a valley, unaware of the vastness of your potential and the beauty of All That Is.


This resource outlines a path to realizing and embracing your identity, your greatest of great selves. If you ever suffer emotionally, regret your past, question your purpose, or feel fear and uncertainty, the wisdom will be of value. If you wish to make more of your life, to find peace and pervasive happiness, or if you are searching for your purpose, you will achieve inspiration and clarity. If you want to move into your potential, then make this place your home and stay. We welcome you.


There is much to look forward to. In reading and following this path, you will transform your life. Everything you choose to do will be consistent with who you are; you will have fun on this journey and you will experience several moments of profound discovery. We will not change who you are, but together we will redefine who you see yourself to be. We will not change your life, but through understanding your life will be changed. We will not give you every answer, but we will outline the path that leads to all answers you seek. We will not tell you what to believe, but we will help you explore your own beliefs, and teach you how to resolve any beliefs that stand in your way.

An act of love, from my life to yours

I have been blessed with an exceptional life. I have suffered the pain of death many times, loved more greatly than is expressed in the finest of novels, and emptied my vessel of all I thought was me. I have experienced blissful one-ness that no worldly sensations can explain. I have hurt people I love, and I have been hurt, and through all of this I have learned who I am. If I'd had the wisdom I do today, I’d have directed my life from an earlier age. In loving compassion, I give you the greatest gift I have: the ability to know yourself, that you may chart your course and experience your ultimate life.

There are many resources that contain the information I share. It is found in science, the worlds of religion, and spiritual circles. There are sages who teach and temples of practice. I do not share anything you cannot learn elsewhere. What I do is simplify the process. When one looks at the vastness of resources by which to learn, and the number of blind corners that exist, the value of a direct path becomes apparent. So many get discouraged or lost along the pathway to knowingness. None need to.

The path is easily validated by your own intuition. It is inspiring, simple to understand, and intensely rewarding. It does not take away your journey, rather it enables you to more rapidly, safely, and directly move to the next stage of your life. If followed, it will vastly increase the number of years you have to embrace wonder and live out your purpose.