Show me my dragon!

Whoa there good buddy. I know you're eager, but we have to go over rules of the game or you'll end your first battle with your eyebrows singed off. You do want to succeed don' cha?


The first trick to beating a spiritual dragon is understanding where it's power stems from. Being mythical creatures, the realm of dragon power is mythtery. No not mystery, mythtery. Myths are the stories we tell ourselves about the world. We tend to repeat these stories a lot, and so to save from getting bored, we make them into something great. Towering monolithic mountains arise from what once was a tiny and traversable hill; it is from within these vast mountains that dragons emerge. That is the power of a mythtery, and we're the ones who create them.


The secret to demolishing great spiritual dragons is to take away their power, such that they become paper dragons that one breath from your nostrils knocks flat. Yes, instead of a sword, you'll be using the breath of truth. Let's test your breath now. Go ahead, breathe in and snort. Once you've taken your dragon's power, that breath is enough to do him in.

Of mythtery and dragons

A mythtery is a story we accept that contains both truth and fallacy. Its magnitude is measured by our commitment to the untruths within it. Some mythteries become towering monolithic mountains or even mountain ranges. Unchecked and unaddressed, our most troubling mythteries give birth to dragons, our greatest of challenges. Our goal is to debunk our mythteries joyfully, safely, and confidently. This alone is enough to render dragons harmless.


Every mythtery results from misguided belief. Everythink is a belief; if you say you know it, that's a belief. Examples of beliefs are definitions of the words that we use, assumptions we make about the world of senses, and stories we create from our past. These are the primary classes of mythtery.


Our lives are filled with mythteries, and some are truly delightful to experience, while others disrupt our life and cause us trouble. Whether a mythtery seems positive or negative is not actually a fact; it's more about how we handle the myth than the myth itself. We overcome most mythteries with knowledge and wisdom... the breath of truth. We'll do that shortly. But we must look at how mythteries become mountainous, for we find the key to overcoming them within the secrets of their formation.


Romantic courtship is an exceptional tool to explain mythteries. The first stage is the honeymoon stage, recognized by phrases and feelings such as "oh, isn't he dreamy," or "my, but she is just perfect." This is the delightful, acceptance stage of mythtery. Our definition of another is incomplete, and we've filled every gap with sunshine and rainbows. Oh yes, we're enamoured and it's a wonderful experience. It can last for quite a while, until... oh my goodness, did my angel just fart? And what's with that mole? I never saw that before.


We're starting to debunk our mythtery; the individual hasn't changed; we are simply getting to know them more intimately. We integrate those nuances into our model and continue on our merry way. Whenever we recognize that little something, it's a happy reminder that the love of our life is a real, living being. We appreciate them as we always have, likely even more as we giggle at their delightful little quirks. That is a healthy alignment of mythtery; our picture is more accurate and our happiness secure. Great work!


Let us look at an alternative scenario. We begin in the blissful happy bunny stage, bounding gleefully in our romance. Suddenly, we experience a show-stopper. What’s with that mole; I never saw that before!?!


Instead of inquiring about what we're seeing, we take it personally. Our thoughts of it fester and grow. We think our friends will disapprove. In our minds, the mole becomes gargantuan. It's like a growth with arms and legs; does it even have a nose? I can't kiss that mole! We feel deceived; we feel appalled. We suffer tremendously until finally, it's too much to bear and we explode. The relationship dissolves and we erase the wonder of those glorious times by reforming every positive experience into a negative one, creating hundreds of new mythteries to justify our actions and feelings. We begin to loathe, to feel hatred, and my do we suffer. 


Do you see what has happened? We didn't begin with a bad mythtery; through our choices, we made one. It will impact our lives until the day we debunk it. My what barriers we can create; in this case, a full mountain range has formed from one mole, one belief, one poor choice.


This is the formation of unhealthy mythteries. We've made them all. Some are harmless and amusing, others troubling. And then there are the dragons; that most horrible thing that happened in your past is also a mythtery. It brings forth pain and suffering, even emotional agony... in you. No-one suffers your feelings but you.


Dragons exist within the towering clusters of mythteries. We don't want to see them, and we fear them, so they become ferocious. Each and every one of us has to face a dragon at some time in our lives. Those of us who would be our greatest selves go a step beyond, becoming dragon hunters. You cannot possibly imagine the joy and freedom you will feel when your first dragon falls. It's as though you were buried alive within a crypt, and suddenly the doors fling open wide, letting fresh air and sunshine into your soul. Oh yes, you'll love fighting dragons. And when your world contains no more dragons, what then will you do? Why, chart a course good soul, and live your ultimate life.  


Every show-stopper or ‘mole’ is a gift. We have a choice; we can grow through them or we can create a mythtery that allows us to ignore them... for a while. Eventually though, we have to face them. Healing our myths results in spiritual enlightenment. Our approach begins with knowing how we disempower current mythteries and cease to build new ones. Love is the gap within every mythtery, and it is our realization of love that ends the myth and lightens our life.


At every show stopper, we ask ourselves if our reaction is the most perfect expression of divine love we can manage. Divine love is love for all that is. It means loving ourselves, all others, everyone and everything. One option always shines within this unconditional appreciation. Neither mythteries nor dragons survive this light.


Let me share a wonderful truth with you. You've already laid rest to four mythteries, and you've beaten them while scarcely realizing! The first was the mythtery of identity. Ask anyone who they are and you're likely to end up with a name, a summary of their life events, or a description of their employment. Of course, none of us are these things.

How is it some rapscallion mythtery beast made off with people’s identities? Though we may never know, we've still recovered ours; well done! Through our heart’s alignment we know who we are. We are the beautiful souls who have been through our journey of life thus far; we have values, virtues, ethics, morals, and beliefs... and these align with rightness itself. We aren't our past; we're much, much more. We are the navigator, and we now know where we are starting from. With this understanding, we are each able to chart a course to our ultimate lives.

Our second mythtery is the nature of the voice within. It is no adversary, but rather a loyal and trusted friend; the inner buddha has been with us since the dawn of our time, and it remains with us to the end. It guides in whatever way we respond to, and so if we treat it as our trusted advocate, we'll communicate as know it as such.

Our friend, the inner buddha, provides options so we can embrace our true identity and live as our authentic self. If ever we are conflicted, it'll tell us; if ever we falter, it will be there to help us up. It is our guide, and though we might not yet fully realize who we are, the inner buddha does. It's expending every effort to help us be our beautiful authentic selves. We might consider the inner buddha to be a most trusted advisor. It's reading the map and helping as we make decisions and direct our lives.

Our third mythtery defeated is the mythtery of how dragons form. We know they form from certain myths we tell ourselves, with most myth being a distorted perception of something we don't fully understand. We know that the greater the myth, the greater the dragon it may spawn. Mistaken word definitions, beliefs, and stories we tell ourselves are the origin of dragons. Our lives simply contain events; it is we who make our dragons.

Finally, if we debunk our myths, examine and refine our beliefs, and ensure we understand the depth of our words, we can defeat dragons. Dragons are every seemingly insurmountable challenge life brings our way. When we arm with truth, we can take down every dragon without exception.