Crushing anger

Wow. I'm still reeling over yesterday's epic battle. Right fine work you did there - why, you didn't even dent your armor. You're a natural, and that's good; you'll be legendary in no time. Since we're on a roll, let's move in on our next mythtery. I saw him behind the cliffs to the right of the trail. He's equally impressive. I know you'll be victorious and I can't wait to see!

Today, we'll be crushing a massive mythtery: excess anger. It's found every time we leverage aggression in place of love. Yes, anger is not just a response to danger; things are far more nefarious than that... but be brave, magnificent stout one... with wisdom, you'll prove victorious.

Gather your power

We're going to need a few more enlightening strikes to address this foe. His myth has been made great by not just you, but all of society. What a magnificent beast he his... look how his alabaster shape glistens in the sun. Maybe you'll take him down intact and I can use his backstraps to build a nice countertop. My that would look fine in my house; oh, but I digress. Let's get back to the battle.



Here are the words and their deeper definitions. Apply your intellect and realize the wonder of their power. Wield them as you did the previous; you'll be certain to succeed.


Spiritual stress -

a disparity of health wherein the individual is weakened, often by self-centeredness (I’ll-ness). To focus primarily on one's self and selfish desires creates a great deal of discord.


Spiritual stress is a direct result of living contrary to our virtues. It is especially potent when we are aware of the discord and permit it to persist. The opposite of I'll-ness is we'll-ness, an all-encompassing interest in all that is...


Continue the journey and Be Your Greatest Self!

Hopefully, you've enjoyed and grown through our adventure thus far. If you have, widen your grin; it just keeps getting better. Upcoming chapters reveal how we form everlasting relationships, become legendary lovers, experience bliss beyond comprehension, and come to know the truth of all that is. We crush anger, address illness and disease, and even take a journey from hell to heaven, learning how to love and have compassion for all beings without exception. We're then on to Chapter 21: The battle of the century, where we abolish the dragons of our past. It's an epic journey that leaves us forever healed, able to be our greatest selves and eager to embrace legendary life.

These guidebooks continue your journey. Consistent with your experience on this website, we'll continue examining and tearing down mythtery after mythtery faster than even the greatest wreckingball could do so. I congratulate you on your journey thus far and look forward to continuing our journey together.

Enlightening Strikes book 1:

Be Your Greatest Self

The guidebook to enlightenment and

realizing the legendary life

This is the first guidebook in the Enlightening Strikes series. It details the nature of self, how the journey of life is structured, and how we move from marginal experience into the legendary lives we desire. This text contains all essential instruction found on this website, guidance to help you smash through a great number of debilitating mythteries, the technique and wisdom required to heal past pain and transgressions, and bonus exercises to help you achieve authentic expression. It is the definitive guide containing the entire path to enlightenment; all other materials are supplemental.

Enlightening Strikes book 2:

Be Your Greatest Self

Enhanced Personal


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Within weeks, this enhanced personal journal will be the most condensed source of wisdom you own. It contains hundreds of unique enlightening quotes, over a dozen techniques to overcome life’s greatest challenges, space for daily revelations, and tips that maintain inspiration as you realize your spiritual and worldly potential. Combined with the Be Your Greatest Self guidebook, it forms a path to enlightenment that is direct, rapid, and inspiring.

Additions to the Enlightening Strikes series will be announced in winter 2020 and beyond. This includes the dragonfaller guidebooks for mythteries you wish to explore in depth. Thank you for the opportunity to serve you. May your journey continue to be as delightful as it is profound.