Demolish a mythtery

Imagine for a moment, if what you meant by the word "Hi" is hello, yet for the other with whom you are speaking, it meant yes. Confusion would ensue, if only for a moment. "Hai" is Japanese for yes.


What if you were looking at a new car, and the salesperson said it came with a spacious boot? Would you understand their meaning? The British term for trunk is boot.


We think in words. Our words enable us to understand what another is communicating, and when those words are received in a form that differs from the sender's intention, the meaning is obscured. We've gone through life using words as a means of developing understanding, and where our definitions of those words are maligned, our understanding is likewise skewed.


Our stories are words and symbolism we devise to explain our past. We create and communicate these stories with the expectation that our meaning will be our receiver’s meaning. Discrepancies arise when our receiver interprets our metaphor differently; these disparities grow when those who’ve misinterpreted life lessons teach their distorted view. Over time, this confusion leads to logical and reasonable wisdom becoming obscured by myth. We redivine life when we replace that myth with understanding. We will do that today.

Mythtery fight! Developing willpower

Ready yourself for battle. These definitions hold within, the power of great understanding. They are the enlightening strikes used to overcome our spiritual adversary. Embrace the deeper meaning and see the power of enlightened definitions as we overcome a common but life-changing mythtery.




Willpower – The end result of gathering sufficient information for conviction to develop. Essential information includes beliefs about the undertaking, the one who will do the task, the nature of the task, and the reward or outcome of successful completion. To exercise willpower is to act with genuine conviction.


Most acts of will are easy, such as in the statement “I will go to the store,” while some test our resolve: “I will love all beings without exception.” The difference between easy and difficult acts of will is the magnitude of the gap between supporting knowledge and beliefs; the greater the gap, the less likely sufficient understanding has developed for will to be expressed. The common misinterpretation of willpower is it is the application of force in hopes of a desired outcome; this most often results in failure.


Failure – A success in which we test a theory on how something might be achieved. Every one of these attempts teaches us critical aspects of what does and does not work, directing us toward optimal solutions. Testing of theories is the only means by which we push our abilities to their limit. Every great achiever has moved through tests of their theories to develop a method that results in a desirable outcome.


Negative emotions regarding failure stem from attachment to our theory. We can easily overcome feelings of distress if we recognize that every failure is a successful gathering of knowledge and wisdom, and that we're now one test closer to the outcome we seek. 


Try – An attempt to achieve a goal without completing the necessary fact-finding and belief-building exercises. Though trying sometimes leads to a desired result, to try is often self-defeating due to the absence of foundational knowledge and a shortage of willpower. When someone tells us to try, they are saying that they've made an assessment and gauged the probability of success to be high. They are making an effort to supplement our research and belief building exercises with their own wisdom and experience. It's rare that we can put 100% effort forth on wisdom we do not have.


Believe – To make real within one's mind. This choice has no bearing on what is actually real. Everythink you know, you believe. There is nothing you know that you don't believe, and your convictions in this regard are always open to refinement as new facts arise. It can thus be seen that what we believe is liquid and flowing, like water, not concrete as so many presume. This is good, because we heal our lives every time we correct false beliefs.


Belief – The result of repeated observations processed by the mind, wherein a consistency is now taken for granted. Seeing and engaging with doorknobs throughout life has left us with a belief about what that piece of hardware is and how it operates. A child told (s)he is gifted enough times develops a belief through repetition and excels.


We operate on hundreds of thousands of beliefs, most of which are subconscious, and the bulk of which serve us very well.  Among these hundreds of thousands of beliefs are a handful of misunderstandings; these are the primary source of disharmony in our lives.


Body – The physical manifestation capable of experiencing contrast, through which we perceive existence. Body is not us; we experience by means of a body, but we are not a body. Devoid of consciousness, the body is inanimate; no experience is occurring. We are the life, the consciousness, the inner force.


Your battle armor is a good analogy. Absent your presence, it's just form. Enter into it and you can use it, but nobody would suggest that there's a suit of armour walking onto the battle field. We know it's you, and you are not the armor. Our relationship with body is akin to this, but don't think the body unimportant. We must be responsible stewards of our bodies; it is only through them that we know the life we do.


Have you committed these definitions, your enlightening strikes, to memory? They are the foundation by which we’ll address our past misperceptions and heal. Now my friend, let’s put your newfound wisdom to good use.

Our mythtery lumbers onto the battle field

We stand before a challenging mythtery, and is it ever a vicious looking beast. It's become mountainous, built up by all the times we've tried and failed. It's every "I will" we felt ended in defeat. Our mythtery is the elusive understanding of willpower, and the enlightening strikes we've gathered will take him down.


Wield that sword of truth

Life is a battle between will and fear. Where will is stronger, we grow; where fear is stronger, we regress. But from where does willpower come? It is common for us to say that our actions will be aligned with our inner character when certain conditions are met. “I will be honorable when I have enough money / time / happiness / corporate success / <other creative requirements go here>.” In truth, every excuse is merely a means of rejecting or delaying alignment with our wholesome and authentic inner self. Circumstance is never the driving force behind sustainable will.


The decision to live as one’s authentic inner self is not a function of desire or commitment either; these falter when the true foundation of will is not in place, for will is not want. Sometimes we think force is the answer, and state we will because we have to. This too fails. We cannot coerce ourselves to develop lasting willpower; force does not build will.


Willpower is a function of wisdom; it lives in the realm of mind. To develop will, one must seek understanding. The greatest misconception is how the three domains of mind, body, and spirit connect and work in harmony to help willpower develop.


The essence of one’s authentic inner self is spirit, or heart. Mind exists as a means of processing and learning from lessons in life, enabling us to evolve as authentic beings. The physical realm of body is the source of experiences from which we grow. Body is decidedly not us; we are merely participants and observers with respect to the physical. Mind too, is not us; it is a tool by which we realise, understand, and engage at an emotional level. This leaves spirit or emotion, the essence of us.


We live in the heart and we live in the mind.         

                            Suffering tells us where life is maligned.


When our authentic inner self - heart or spirit - is challenged, the mind works to resolve the discord. It processes the situation in accordance with the information it has from education, introspection on past experience, belief structures, and observation. Mind then provides guidance.


If we follow the guidance, the mind is friendly and helpful; if we reject the mind or its conclusions, we force it to continue resolving the discord. This is not a bad thing; our mind presents all possible solutions and our heart determines the fit. If the conclusion of the mind does not fit character or heart, the solution is incorrect. If the conclusion involves risk or worries the heart cannot accept, it will reject the solution until those risks and worries are addressed.


When our mind hasn’t enough wisdom or internal knowledge to develop a viable path from discord, we garner this information from our worldly choices and their outcomes. This experiential direction is in accordance with our needs. The less aligned we are, the more mistakes we make and the greater the intensity of our blowback.


When choices are not aligned with right being, worldly feedback involves much suffering. We do our best to avoid suffering, and so this feedback helps direct us. Eventually, our mind has gathered enough information on what does and does not lead to harmony; a conclusion arises and is presented to the spirit for consideration. If the solution is accepted, it comes complete with the will to align actions with character; if the solution is rejected, the wheel spins once again with mind reverting to its state of disharmony and life remaining uncomfortable. Suffering continues until clarity about alignment develops at a core level and the desire to be right becomes intense; it is by this mechanism that suffering helps us evolve.


When the critical pieces of information are present in mind, we develop understanding (wisdom) and our hearts accept the solution; it is at this point that we gain the will to advance or otherwise address our challenge; this is what willpower really is. When heart, mind, and physical action align with values and one’s righteous inner character, willpower arises as an unshakeable monument of the aligned realization.


Too often we seek to express willpower as though it were something within us… a virtue. Willpower is a function of understanding; it cannot develop unless sufficient wisdom is present. Great effort and energy are often expended in a noble but futile attempt to utilize willpower before we have sufficient wisdom, and of course it fails. We all suffer this failure until we understand the origin and nature of will. We move forward by being open to learning, accepting life’s lessons, recognizing our authentic inner nature, and aligning with right intention; these are the choices that develop our wisdom, unshakable will, and the power to be who we are.


And the mythtery falls!

Wow, that was an epic battle for the history books! Did you see it trying to throw our past failures back at us? How deftly you dodged, and then you counterattacked by showing that those failures are in fact the process by which we learn and become great. It threw the pain of past misgivings your way and you blocking them with your understanding that they were the best choices for the level of wisdom you had, realizing that you are now stronger, more aligned, more powerful. Its massive foot rose and stomped to squash you flat, but you held strong, for you had brilliant wisdom, the knowledge of where willpower originates, and so there was no force that could contend with you. My, but you are an amazing hero indeed. You'll do well with this my friend. There won't be a challenge that can stand up to you; I am certain of it.


I'm going to go off now to write a ballad about your glorious success. Give yourself a pat on the back. Take some time while I write to reflect on what you've learned and write in your journal. This isn't a battle to forget. It's life-changing... your mythtery has been reduced to a pile of rubble, and with it's fall, you've gained the ability to leverage willpower.


Picking through the rubble

Wait... what's this!?! Beneath that pile of rubble is stone of another color. Our mythtery's fall took out the bulk of another myth... our belief about personal failure. We see it lumbering off to the right, seeking solace in the other mountains of mythtery so it can nurse its wounds. It's not defeated yet, but it's weakened. We decide not to chase after it, for we see it's other supporting structures... guilt, shame, and judgement; we decide it's still formidable. We'll gather more enlightening strikes and take it down when the time is right. For now, we'll just glow in our victory.



What have we learned?

1. Mythteries fall easily when we correct supporting misbeliefs. 

2. Taking out our great fears and barriers can in fact be fun. A lot of fun!

3. We've never lacked willpower; we just needed to understand its origins and build it from a genuine source.

4. Our failures are actually essential successes along the pathway to each outcome we seek. Nobody becomes great without them.

5. You do have the power to take on the challenges of your life, your greatest mythteries. Armed with truth, you can be legendary.

It is time now to record, rest, and reflect. After every mythtery fight, take the time to reenergize and realize what you've discovered. Let it gel for a day more, reviewing the points until they have moved into you. Reflect on your past to find the truths your new understanding reveals, and commit aloud how you will respond next time. Forgive past choices which were realized without understanding. Know you have aligned and that those earlier misgivings were part of the path that led you to knowingness and right being.